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Back to Work, and 2021 Baseline

January 4th, 2021 at 08:02 pm

I’ve been off of work since Friday, December 18th, only logging on here and there.  My company was technically closed from the 24th on, so I really only missed 3 business days, which means there isn’t a lot that happened while I was out.  Thankfully, everyone is on the same struggle bus today, my boss and I were laughing about trying to remember how to do our jobs today.  It should be a busy week, but thankfully quiet meetings wise. 

My $600 stimulus payment was received on Friday.  I was hoping to split this between general savings ($400) and my highest balance non-consolidation credit card ($200), but unfortunately there was a bit of a budget shortfall in last week’s paycheck/bills that needed to be paid from it.  Ultimately, I think only about $125 of it will end up in savings, and no extra sent to debt.  Oh well. 

I received word today that another account in the consolidation program will be paid off.  That takes me to 4 paid off and 8 to go.  Still a long way to go but progress nonetheless.  I expect another 3 to be paid off within the next 6-ish months.  Then we start getting into larger balances that will take more time.

I also added a new tab in my budget spreadsheet to create a snapshot of where I am at the start of 2021, vs where I’ll be at the end of 2021, so I can track the change.  I’m not going to use this to project out, although I easily can.  I just thought it would be a nice measure of progress at the end of each year and it took me about 4 minutes to put together (aside from going and looking up the balances lol).  It also forced me to log into my mortgage account and student loan account, which I had not done in a while.  My mortgage was right around where I estimated.  My student loan was (in a happy surprise) about $1k less than I estimated.  Below is where things stand as of ~1/1/21:


Priority Debts:

Consolidated Balances - $30,361.05

Non-Consolidated Balances - $11,485.85

Mom - $17,500

Total Priority Debts - $59,346.90

Non-Priority Debts:

Mortgage - $150,447.16

Car Loan - $15,017.11*

Student Loan - $3,082.55

401k Loan #1 – $7,392.73*

401k Loan #2 – $6,634.05*

Total Non-Priority Debts – $182,573.60

*Car Loan, and 401k Loans are only in this category because they will be paid off by 2023 on the normal payment schedule.  I have bigger fish to fry so I am just going to leave them be and pay as scheduled unless I get some kind of windfall that changes things.  The nice thing about the 401k loans is that every payment towards this is a corresponding increase in my 401k balance, since I am paying myself back, in addition to my ongoing contributions. 

Total of All Debt:  $241,920.50


General Cash Savings - $50 (yikes!!!)

401k - $25,605.69 (this will be fully vested in May, so no point IMO in splitting out what is vested vs what is not.  As of January, all but about $3k of this is vested)

Robinhood - $292.69

Coinbase - $35.63

Total Savings/Assets - $25,984.01

This does not include the value of my home, or the value of my car.  If I want to calculate net worth, I could add in an estimate for each of those, but one thing at a time.  

This is sobering to look at, especially all in one place, but I’m very excited to see the decreases to debt, along with the increases to savings/assets as time progresses. 

2 Responses to “Back to Work, and 2021 Baseline”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    I really like your plan to have a separate tab to track your beginning and ending 2021 numbers. Smile
    Congrats on consolidated debt #4 being (almost) history.

  2. FocusedinmyForties Says:

    Thanks, Petunia! Of course, since writing this entry, I decided to (as I almost always do when it comes to spreadsheets), set up monthly progress tracking lol. Ah well. Keeps me outta trouble I guess.

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