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(Sort of) Unexpected Expense :(

January 16th, 2021 at 10:35 pm

The other day, I was thinking that I needed to check to see when I would be charged for my annual Amazon Prime subscription so I could make sure that I had funds in place for it.  Didn't follow through on it, as I was busy.....and woke up today to check my bank account and see that it had been charged to my debit card.  Blergh, not part of the plan for this paycheck.  Oh well.  I made some adjustments and shifted things around to cover it, and decided to add yet another tab to my endlessly evoloving spreadsheet - one to track annual expenses that are not (as of yet) funded in my budget.  I'd like to get to a place where anything outside of bills and savings doesn't need to be tracked because it can just be paid for out of "leftover" money....but I am not at a stage where I have leftover money or a buffer to work with yet.   I'm hoping that all of my tracking helps me lay that foundation.

Update on Amazon returns - I chatted with them again, and they were able to push through the refund for my purchase.  I did get an email confirmation for it, and should see it reflected on my credit card in a few days.  They also said that they were pushing through my gift returns, but I have not seen those yet. The rep said that I would see them in my gift card balance in 2-4's now been 24 and nothing.  I also started another return today, which was supposed to be an instant refund to my gift card balance if I went that route.  Also not showing in my I guess I'm going to have to get back on chat with them.  Kind of annoying.  I do understand that they're swamped right now, but I would prefer if they were open about delays rather than committing to timeframes that are not realistic.  It's mostly annoying since I want to use these gift card balances for "fun money" - I decided I am going to purchase a set of half pint mason jars (I use them for a lot of meal prep and storage but only have 1 in that size), and a fitted sheet.  That's about half of my currently pending gift card balance (waiting on about $60, this adds up to $31).  I am going to be returning another gift this coming week, a set of sheets I decided against, which should put another $54 or so into my balance.  Which leaves me with ~$80 in fun money when everything processes.  Not sure what I will use that for, not in any rush.  I'm trying to be much less impulsive about just placing the quick Amazon order "because it's only $10".  

2 Responses to “(Sort of) Unexpected Expense :(”

  1. Fern Says:

    You're lucky you were able to make those Amazon returns; I purchased a bamboo lantern type thing, tried to cancel the order the very next day, and was told by the 3rd party vendor it had already shipped (tho I won't get it for 20 days). I guess it's coming straight from southeast Asia.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope you get your refunds soon.

    I don't know if you go to thrift shops, but right now, I'm seeing a lot of half pint canning jars there for less than a buck each. That's how I bought most of my canning jars -- thrift shops, then purchased the lids and rings new.

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