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Update on Schooling

February 2nd, 2021 at 07:39 pm

I've been in full steam discovery mode since learning last week that my company is now offering tuition reimbursement.  I was going to hold off and take my time, but.....that's generally not how I operate haha.

I looked into what schools in my state system (as well as NYC since I am eligible for resident tuition there as well) would work, narrowed it down to 2 programs, and chose one based on where I thought I could complete it faster/more credits would transfer etc.  It's a completely online program at one of the State University of NY campuses.

I submitted my application today ($50), requested transcripts from previous school ($17.40) and the College Board for CLEP exams ($20).  I need to go get a money order for $7 and mail in the form to request my high school transcript.  We had a blizzard here yesterday so that will have to wait a few days haha.  Not worth trekking out in the snow to do!  I also submitted my FAFSA.  There's now an app for that, that made the entire process take about 10 minutes.  

I also modeled what transfer credits I think/hope they'll accept, what CLEP exams I have already taken that they should accept, what CLEP exams I can take to satisfy requirements/get more transfer credits, and finally what of their courses that leaves me with.  It's a little rabbit hole-y....but it's kind of what I do lol.  It leaves me with about 4 semesters of full time study.  Based on tuition costs alone (not sure what fees/books will run), I am looking at paying around $3,300 out of pocket, and the rest will be reimbursed.  Additional CLEP exams will be on top of that, and I don't think those are eligible for reimbursement.  The College Board charges $89 per exam, and the test center at can also charge something on top.  Right now I am looking at needing to take 10-11 exams (CLEP exams are essentially exams you can take to demonstrate your knowledge in a subject area, and you can treat them like transfer credits).  I could of course take the equivalent courses, but....I don't wanna.  This would also be way cheaper and far faster than taking the courses.  The total cost for an exam is usually less than a single credit.

I will be taking out new student loans to cover the cost upfront.  The estimated loan amount (again, based on tuition alone) is around $14,000.  I will most likely use the reimbursement amounts to pay off higher interest debt rather than putting it towards the loans.  I'll have to see where things stand at the time of each reimbursement though.  

Exciting stuff!!!

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