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I'm Antsy, Haha

February 5th, 2021 at 06:36 pm

No real updates, but I'm so into all of my tracking that I find lack of updates has me antsy lol.  

It's been a few low spend days, as expected.  The only spending so far this month is for groceries/household, and educational expenses (transcript & application fees).  Last night I went to CVS to purchase a money order for my high school transcript (they don't seem to realize it is 2021....), and unfortunately, they do not do money orders at that location.  I had $4 in extra bucks that were expiring soon, so I bought some chocolate to treat myself with over the weekend.  Total out of pocket cost was 14 cents Smile  I then ran over to the supermarket, in hopes that their customer service desk was still open, and luckily was able to get the money order there.  I was pleased to find that the MO fee was cheaper than the post office.  Win win all around.  

Everything with my school is a waiting game right now.  All of my transcripts have been requested, and I need them to be received by the school before they will make their admission decision.  FAFSA was completed and processed.  I'm not expecting any aid, so it was a moot exercise really (but needed to do it in order to get loans).  The transfer admissions advisor has been wonderful, and is answering all of my (many) questions via email.  It's helping me sketch out my roadmap.  That obviously won't be solidified until 1. I am accepted and 2. they complete my transfer credit evaluation, but I will take any opportunity to go down the rabbit hole lol.  

Much like school, finances are also a waiting game.  Waiting for further updates from debt consolidation, waiting for next paycheck, waiting for federal tax refund, waiting for state return to be available, waiting for potential 3rd stimulus info.......this is sometimes the problem with planning too much ahead.  I know what I am doing with all of these things when they come in, but can't make them happen faster!  Because I front loaded so much of my Feb grocery spending, I am not even planning on hitting the grocery store again until mid next week haha.  I usually go for small trips 2-3 times a week depending on what fresh items I need to replace.  I'm very good about making a list and sticking to it, so this cadence works for me.  I just happen to not need anything fresh before then this week.  It's all kind of boring and frustrating.

Lastly, and this is semi financial related.....weight loss journey is slow but progressing.  I have 15 pounds to lose this year.  I am determined to do it.  I recently tweaked my daily caloric intake, and think I may have finally found a sweet spot where I am not hungry at all based on the mix of foods I eat in a day, but it's also low enough to have a consistent deficit.  I've been looking into different plastic surgeons who specialize in the procedures I am looking for, in the population I fit into (post major weight loss/bariatric patients).  I've started getting some pricing and am very surprised to find that there's a surgeon whose work I am very impressed with - he has done a number of patients in the extended community I follow.  It looks like I can get all of the procedures I want/need for under $20k.  Which is half of what I would pay at the surgeon I really want.  This makes getting this done next year sometime much more within reach than it seemed.  I am starting to reach out to docs for quotes/virtual consults etc just to make sure I have the right numbers in mind as I (overly) plan.  

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hopefully the school records come in so you can get started! Like most things, hurry up and wait, right?

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