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Still Waiting!

February 10th, 2021 at 04:20 pm

Since my last entry, I am still doing a lot of sitting around waiting.  Harrumph Smile

I did receive word from the debt consolidation company that another balance will be paid off.  That lowers the remaining balance there, and takes me to 5 paid, 7 to go.  Based on amounts, I think 2 more will be paid this year, and then the remaining 5 will be spread over the year and a half left in the program (runs through Aug 2023).  


Taxes - still waiting for the IRS to open up (Friday!  Come on!) and waiting for my state to be available via Credit Karma so I can file those.  Once this year's state taxes have been accepted and whatever refund (fingers crossed) has been received, I'll readdress amending my 2019 state taxes to properly reflect my move out of NYC.  

School - all transcripts are still making their way to the school.  There's a helpful portal that shows me the status, none have been received yet.  I only requested them last week, so I need to calm myself haha.  I've done about as much mapping out of courses as I can do until I find out what they will accept as transfer credits.

Upcoming Snowflakes - as I've mentioned, I count anything that isn't paycheck income as a snowflake, even if that isn't the technical definition.  Quite a few coming up....federal tax refund, (hopefully) state tax refund, 2019 state tax refund, Q1 Rakuten payout, annual wellness stipend from my company, a few bank bonuses and (very hopefully) a third stimulus payment.  Where those will go has been sketched out....mostly being split between savings and debt, which gives me a leg up on those, with small portions being held for educational expenses and some "fun spending" (a haircut, a pedicure, etc).  

Overall Finances - with the help of those snowflakes, I'll be over $2k ahead on the debt payoff goals for the year, and almost $2k ahead on savings goals.  Not having to make monthly payments on those debts (all credit cards right now) frees up room in my semi-monthly pay.  Eventually I hope to use that room to increase debt payments to other bigger accounts, but right now it'll help solve the current shortfall.  

I was talking to a friend the other day, and I said you know, I just realized that between the ages of 40 and 45, if all goes to plan, I will have bought and extensively renovated my first home, paid off $50k+ worth of debt, completed my degree, accomplished a 100 pound weight loss, cash flowed expensive plastic surgery, and excelled in my career.  And that makes me frightened for what I come up with for 46-50 lol.  Her response was well whatever it is, I bet you'll make it look easy.  That made me smile Smile

1 Responses to “Still Waiting!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    You've done quite well and how nice of your friend to remind you of that!

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