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Updates All Over the Place...

February 24th, 2021 at 03:53 pm

My federal refund hit my account this morning, a full week earlier than expected.  I immediately began distributing it as planned - a small amount to pay my mom back for some money I owed her (outside of the Big Mom Loan lol), a big chunk into savings, paying one credit card off in full, paying about 40% of another....I'm left with about 6% of the refund lol.  That money was originally going to be allocated towards a haircut and pedicure.  I ultimately decided to use part of the remainder towards a fee for school, and hold the rest in escrow for some future indulgence, whatever it may be.  Feels good to be making progress.  Since the beginning of the year, when I started getting really serious about fixing my mess and tracking everything granularly....I have reduced my priority debt by 6%, and my non-priority debt by 1%, for an overall debt reduction of 1% (lol....math).  I've increased my general savings by more than 2000% (no, not a typo hahaha), my 401k by 17%, and my overall savings by 20%.  I am on track to be pretty far ahead of my goals for the year.  

I can't remember if I posted about this yet or not, but in my state they opened up vaccine eligibility to folks with underlying conditions.  One of them is obesity.  My BMI is still technically obese by a few points, although I don't look it.  I've never been so grateful to not yet be at my goal weight haha.  I was able to initially make an appointment for a vaccine site about an hour away for early April.  But this morning, they opened up appointments for a new site about 4 miles away, and they are only taking residents of a few zip codes right now.  Mine is one of the zip codes, so I went in and was able to get an appt for next week!  Very happy about this.  It means I will be fully vaccinated by the end of March, and the vaccine will be fully active by mid April, when my mom and I go to Vegas to close up her dad's apartment.  (Of course I cancelled the original appointment to open it back up for someone who was hoping to get one).  My mom's second dose is this weekend, so she will be good to go as well.  Her sister is meeting us there, and she got her first dose last week.  Happy on all accounts here.

I've started making consult appointments with some plastic surgeons.  i was hoping to do all of the procedures I need in one surgery, but am willing to separate them if insurance is covering the main one I need.  If I have to pay anything out of pocket, I am not prepared to do that this year, but I do want to start getting real prices so I can come up with my plan to fund it.  I was estimating $40k, but it now seems like it will be a LOT less (maybe $20k total?  Big difference).  I have a very generous STD plan at work, that with my tenure at the company, allows me to take 3 months of fully paid leave per year (I believe per 12 month period, so if the surgeries are 6 months apart, then 3 months total).  All things to think about.  

Other than that....I had a bit of spending yesterday.  My printer ran out of ink in January.  I replaced the black cartridge, figuring I could print everything I needed in black & white.  Well, the other day it started refusing to do even that, although the black cartridge is full.  I now have too many things I need to print to hold off any longer, and well, I had the extra money, so I went ahead and ordered the color cartridges.  $42.26.  Hopefully I don't need to buy ink again for a few months.  My February spending is currently sitting at just under $500.  There will definitely be a few more purchases over the next few days though, so I am not ready to close the books on it yet.  Depending on how I choose to reflect some of it, I think I'll still end up coming in lower than January after it all nets out, although some of that will carry over into March.  I have 2 more grocery trips to make for the month as well, but they will both be small.  

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    So glad you are eligible for the vaccine.

    Aren't printers a big pain sometimes? I struggle with mine a lot and I feel like buying ink is like extortion money.

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