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Payday - March 31

March 31st, 2021 at 05:12 pm

Today is payday!  I had a lot of money moves to make today, so I have been looking forward to today all week. 

But before getting into the payday report, some new extra money came in...

On Monday, someone came to buy another set of my dumbbells.  This was the set of 45 pounders....I had them listed for $180 ($2/pound, which seems to be about the going rate these days).  He offered me $150 and I decided to take it, since it was close enough.  I still have a pair of 35s and a pair of 55s.  He gave me cash, and since I had to go to the bank today to make a deposit, I waited to do it in one transaction.  I'm splitting this between savings, holding for groceries, and adding to a credit card payment.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I opened a Chime account and received a $75 referral bonus for opening it.  The person whose link I used should have also received $75.  Since it was very easy and fast, and did not require any direct deposit, I had my mom and a friend sign up for the account using my referral link.  They both completed their activity yesterday.  My mom's transfer posted this morning and we both got $75.  My friend's transfer should post tomorrow (she may have done it too late in the day for it to post next day), so hopefully another $75.  Both of those will go into savings.  If anyone wants to earn a quick and easy $75, feel free to use my referral link - happy to walk you through how to set it up to get your bonus: 

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With my paycheck, I also got 2 extra payments.  One was my wellness stipend - we are allotted $250 every year to purchase wellness items.  I wanted a new fitness tracker this year, so I got one of those, an additonal band for it, and then since that didn't quite equal $250, I threw one of my protein powder purchases in as well.  We got an email informing us the other day that these payments would be processed 4/15 instead of 3/31 as expected, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it in one of my account this morning.  Additionally, I got some other wellness reward that I was not expecting - I honestly think it might be a mistake lol.  But who am I to say no?  It was $75 and change.  The stipend went into savings, since I had paid for those items out of savings knowing it would be replaced.  The $75 was split between funding for my next bank account bonus (more on that later), and an additional payment to the next credit card I'm working on.  

Today's paycheck also marked meeting the requirements for one of the bank account bonuses I was working on.  So I reduced the DD for this account (have to have something going in there to keep it fee free), and added DD for another bonus (lol - yes this is a LOT to keep track of), which should go into effect next paycheck.  I only need one direct deposit to go into that account.  The fee is 99 cents a month, so I will either just pay the fee for a few months, or I will do a transfer in/out.  But I can live with ~$3 in total fees for $300 Smile

After my brain processed all of that lol - I paid my bills, including an extra $75 as mentioned above to the next credit card I am chipping away at.  I'll talk more about that in tomorrow's entry which will be my March summary.  I was able to put a small chunk of money back into savings.  I funded the opening deposit for my newest bank account, and I was able to hold $95 for groceries.  I'm waiting on some Amazon returns to process (going back to my Amazon account as credit), and then I will purchase an accessory for my stationary bike.  I'll have to pay less than $4 out of pocket for this, the rest has been funded with Amazon credits.  All in all, that's pretty good.  

Before I got to all of that this morning, I did a whole lot of finagling.  I opened a new bank account which will net me $250.  There are a lot of DD changes, so I decided to map them out haha.  I have 2 more accounts I am planning to open in the next few months.  One does not require direct deposit, the other does.  By mid August, I will have earned $1800 from bank account bonuses this year.   That's not including any additional bonuses I get from Chime!  Pretty good for just keeping track of stuff, which I'm really good at (it's also kinda my job to be suuuuuuper organized lol).  

Once I updated all of my tracking in my massive spreadsheet, I now don't know what to do with myself for the rest of the day (I mean, I have to work, but it's quiet today).  I'm just going to bask in sticking with my plan.  My aggressive and complicated, but so far successful and effective plan Smile

Tomorrow I'll post my March summary!  Excited to see my progress.

2 Responses to “Payday - March 31”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    What bank account bonuses did you get?

  2. FocusedinmyForties Says:

    LAL - here's my list for the year! Capital One - $400 (completed and paid), HSBC - $200 (completed as of yesterday, bonus expected by 6/1), Citizens - $300 (will be completed 4/15, bonus expected 7/31), M&T - $250 (will be completed 6/30, bonus expected 7/31...this one doesn't require a DD, just holding $500 in their account for 2 months), Webster - $250 (will be completed 4/30, bonus expected by 7/15) and Key - $250 (will be completed 7/31, bonus expected 9/30).

    I'm pretty much maxed out on bonuses for the next few July or so, I'll start looking for my next set of accounts! There are a few others out there that I just couldn't make work between timing and the amount needed to be DD (there's only so much to go around lol). So hopefully I can find 2-3 more in the back half of the year otherwise things will be very boring Smile

    Feel free to email me, I am happy to share anything interesting I find! I believe you can just click the link and it'll send directly to me.

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