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School Updates

April 27th, 2021 at 06:29 pm

Can't remember if I mentioned this a few weeks ago or not, but I requested registration for some classes for this summer's term.  Since I am not yet officially enrolled, I had to wait for current students to register, then they processed non-enrolled requests on a first come first serve basis.  I made my request on the first day it opened so I would be as close to the front of the line as possible.  

I requested 4 classes, for a total of 16 credits (go big or go home, right?).  Not sure if it's because I am a non matriculated student or just a general summer session limit, but I received a message back when they were processing my registration request that I was limited to 8 credits, or 2 classes.  Probably not the worst thing in the world to happen, haha. 

I then went ahead and applied for the private loan (only need private for this one semester, will be able to use federal from here on out), and am just waiting for the school to certify/generate my invoice.  Once I have the bill, I can submit for approval for tuition reimbursement (I'll then have to submit for payment once I get my grades back).  

I also purchased the CLEP exam review books for two of the exams I want to take (I believe I am planning to take a total of 7 exams).  I decided to take the practice test in the back of the book for a baseline of where my knowledge is.  I got 29% correct lol.  Not sure what constitutes a passing score, but pretty confident that it's a lot higher than 29%.  Guess I should read the book before scheduling lol.  

It's all starting to move and I'm pretty excited!  I may have to push my estimated graduation date out by a semester, based on how they applied my transfer credits, but I decided to just wait to speak with my academic advisor once I am matriculated to figure all of that out.  No sense in making myself crazy yet.  

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good luck with your classes. I agree, I don't think 29% if passing, but at least you know that you don't know it all so you'll be learning new stuff.

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