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May 6th, 2021 at 01:58 pm

Just another mishmosh entry...

My 401k contribution/loan payments from my last paycheck posted today, and the combined loan balance is under the next thousand, and the account balance is over the next thousand as well.  While I really want to get out of the cycle of using 401k loans as I do feel insecure about retirement and know I'm behind, I will say that it's nice to have debt that when you pay it back, increases your savings equally.  Of course the goal is to not need debt lol.  But ya know.....something about progress not perfection blah blah blah.

I got an update on the whole state taxes from 2019 mess.....they sent me a notice of adjustment, saying that they recalculalated on my recalculations (this is turning into a bad skit) and now I owe them $1530 (instead of the $693 refund I thought I was due).  Ermmmmm, nope.  It looks like instead of changing my full year city tax to the part year city tax, they instead just added the part year tax and are trying to charge me those two numbers added together as my tax due for the year.  I filed an appeal because I absolutely do not owe them this money and I will not pay it.  Not sure how long it'll take to get in the queue for a live review but I'll wait.  This will be the most annoying $ I've ever "earned" when I finally get this refund.  

I found a few more bank accounts to open for bonuses.  My tally for the year is up to $2500 when all of these are completed and credited!  That's pretty amazing.  There are still a few banks that do ongoing bonuses that I just can't make work in the next few months that I hope I'll be able to take advantage of in the fall.  So that number could even grow a little more.  I know it'll have an impact on my taxes, since the bonuses are taxable, but I am hoping it's not too bad.  By then, I am also hoping that I will have gotten my raise/promotion, and will have been able to increase my withholding again, so that there's some cushion to cover that.  

I also made (sort of?) a decision on what direction I am going to go in regarding IRAs.  As soon as I am able, I am going to open and start funding a Roth.  I am above the income level where I can deduct a Traditional, and still within the level where I am eligible to contribute to a from a tax vantage NOW, they're essentially the same impact (ie, none lol).  But the Roth diversifies my tax standing in retirement, since most of my funds will be taxable otherwise (401k, SS).  When I phase out of the Roth limit which could be in the next 5 years (or not haha), then I will open a Traditional IRA, and backdoor it to Roth.  But since I will not have any other funds in the Traditional, I won't run into any messiness with the pro-rata rule - anything that goes in will just get converted and it'll be cleaner and simpler.  If I ever do need to change jobs, I'll either leave my 401k where it is (incredibly large company, so not worried about them requiring me to roll my funds elsewhere) or roll it into new 401k.  Does this all sound reasonable?

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Fortunately I was eligible for both a traditional and Roth as far as IRA, but I think I do better with the Roth now that I'm retired. So far I haven't had to take any money out of it.

    When I first started out in a 403b, we were allowed to choose the company we wanted to work with. A number of years later my school district decided to hire a company to manage the funds and we were limited to 5 of their choosing. None of them were especially good and I no longer could put money in the original 403b. When I retired, it was a true pain in the butt, but I rolled the latter 403b into an IRA, a little bit at time, since the company wasn't doing squat as far as making decent dividends.

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