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5/14/21 Payday & Other Updates

May 14th, 2021 at 02:35 pm

I am paid on the 15th and last day of the month, but if one of those days falls on a weekend or holiday, I am paid the business day prior.  Since tomorrow, the 15th, is a Saturday, today was payday.  

Fairly uneventful.  Paid whatever bills are scheduled as part of this check.  Transferred some money around as part of my bank bonus adventures.  I have to make a run to one of the bonus banks to withdraw then deposit into my primary bank this afternoon.  I was going to make a pitstop at the grocery store while out, but realized that I don't actually need milk before it is delivered as part of a FreshDirect order Monday morning. 

 Things are really starting to move with school now. 

The school certified my loan for the summer courses, so I don't have to worry about the balance due - once it is disbursed and applied, I will be able to request a check for the overdisbursement (this will be held in one of my sinking funds until I get some more info on actual costs for surgery).  I have to wait for the loan to be disbursed to see payment info, but I did go ahead and add a new tab to my budgeting spreadsheet (lol) to calculate the interest that is being accrued monthly.  This is a private loan, so the interest is not deferred while I am in school the way federal loans will be, so I want to make sure I prioritize it. I specified while setting up the loan that I would be paying $25 a month while in school.  Looks like the loan will be accruing more interest than that monthly (high interest rate blah), so I will likely bump the payment up as soon as possible to, at the very least, keep pace with the interest.  

Summer classes start in just over 2 weeks.  I got an email from one of my professors telling us what the textbook was so we could get it prior to class starting....I am waiting for a reply back on whether or not this is an appropriate book to rent (it would save me 50%, and I have no interest in keeping this book).  Hopefully I will hear back soon so I can order it.  If I don't get a similar email from the professor of the other class with the text info, I will probably reach out to get it so I am prepared and ready to hit the ground running.

I also had some advisement conversations to prep for fall course registration.  I have my fall schedule set and will be able to register once the system opens to transfer students on May 25.  Everything I want to take is available with an online section, so fingers crossed.  I'll be taking 15 credits....3 of those credits are software classes (Word, Excel and Powerpoint at 1 credit each).....not terribly worried about those haha.  Then I am taking a math class, a stats class, and anthropology class.  During my conversations, I was able to get clarity on some of the questions I had about how transfer credits were accepted, and was able to update my degree roadmap.  I know now in which semester I can plan to take which courses.  If all goes to plan, I will be done in Dec 2023.  My fall semesters will be heavier than my spring semesters, and that's purely a function of how the tuition reimbursement falls.    

1 Responses to “5/14/21 Payday & Other Updates”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    It's exciting to read about your starting your courses. Hope you can rent the text instead of buying them. Decades ago my DH attended a university where all texts were rented. I attended college and had to purchase mine and some professors were dirty and said the bookstore couldn't buy back their textbooks since they felt we needed them for life. Seriously? I needed the money to buy other textbooks!

    Hope all goes well!

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