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5/28 Payday and School Updates

May 28th, 2021 at 06:01 pm

Since the 31st is a holiday, today was payday.  Uneventful as usual.  I paid a bunch of bills, moved around a bunch of money, and off we go.  I'll do my usual month end summary for May on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I am waiting on a new debit card from my primary bank.  The scammers got me - they got into my Instacart account, did a test order for about $15, which went through, and then tried a larger one for $420, which did not go through and triggered a fraud alert.  Instacart then cancelled the first smaller order.  The hold for the smaller order was $30, and was immediately credited back to my account.  My debit card was cancelled immediately, and luckily I am not out any money, just inconvenienced.  I'd much prefer the inconvenience of having to wait for a new debit card and update everywhere I had it stored, than having to potentially be out whatever money they managed to get until the bank investigated.  Still would like to eventually get back to the point where anything autopaid or stored is done via credit card, but until I have the card I'd like to use for this paid down completely, I am not ready to make the swap.  I'd like it to be a fresh start from a zero balance before I start moving recurring bills/spending that are covered from my paycheck to this card, so I don't mingle it with older debt I am working on paying off.

In school news, the loan for my summer courses was disbursed to the school.  I'm waiting for them to process it, and then they will send me back the overpayment (the loan is for more than the classes ended up being).  I am expecting a check from them for ~$3890, not sure how long it will take to receive.  For now, I am going to just stash this in one of my accounts and consider it untouchable - depending on what happens in the next few months, I will likely use it towards surgery.  If anything changes that timeline, or I am able to figure out another way to fund this, then I will pay it back to the loan balance.  For now, I am going to be making small monthly payments on that loan even while in school.  My first payment will be due in July.  Waiting for the first statement to close.

I also confirmed with my HR department that my summer classes were approved for tuition reimbursement.  Once I complete the courses, and (hopefully lol) pass, I will need to submit the receipt and my grades to get the $$, as it's a two step process.  Approval then reimbursement.  I should see this reimbursement in August/September, and that $$ will get stashed in the same place as the loan overpayment, and treated the same way.  

I was also able to register for fall classes.  I registered for 15 credits, yowza.  Once that balance due hits my school account, I will repeat the process, and submit the courses for approval in Step 1 for reimbursement.  Federal loans will be covering this semester, so I don't have to do as much active work as I did for summer with the private loan....the federal loans should all process fairly seamlessly.  I do not believe I will have to pay cash for anything, as the full time tuition for my school for a full year is less than the federal loan max per year.  Yay for state schools!

The professor for my other class this summer confirmed that she is using open source materials for the class, so no need to buy any textbooks.  That was good news.  I'm waiting for a few more snowflakes to come in to be able to register for some of the CLEP exams I will be taking.  They did add a virtual option, which works out to be a little cheaper than having to pay a test center administrative fee, and a heck of a lot more convenient too.  The only catch is that I need to be able to install software onto a PC to be able to take advantage of this.  I cannot install software onto my work computer (PC), and my personal computer is a Mac.  As I always do lol....I figured out a way around it.  My mother needs to purchase a new computer, since she is retiring next year and her personal computer is from 2004.  I suggested that I find her a Chromebook, with a budget of around $250.  I asked her if I can make this purchase for her now, and keep it at my place for a few months, so I can take a bunch of these tests.  She was fine with this.  If she needs it before I am done with it, I can just bring it to her and then borrow it again as necessary.  My goal is to take all of these exams in the next year or so, just waiting for snowflakes to be able to cashflow exam fees.  I was able to find a free service that prepares you for the exams so I should not need to purchase study guides, saving me more money.  

Lots going on with school!  Summer classes start on Tuesday, and run for 8 weeks.  I'm excited to get back into the swing of things.  

Lots going on at work as well.  Since the last time I boss (whom I ADORE), gave her notice.  This sent me into a bit of a tailspin....not only will I miss working with her professionally and personally, there's a lot more pressure on me now, as most of the projects she was working on will fall to me.  If I rise to the occasion, then this is a very good opportunity for me.  She did submit me for a promotion before she left, and I am confident it will go through based on some of the intel she was able to share before her last day.  I should hear about the promo mid to late June.  If it's a go, it would go into effect July 1, with the first paycheck reflecting increase on July 15. 

At the same time, I was contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter from a distant competitor, who is wooing me with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  I don't want to leave my company, for a lot of reasons.  I love my job, I love my company, and a lot of my plans over the next few years are tied to my seniority here and my current benefits (surgery, school, ability to take STD for 2 separate surgeries, being able to use tuition reimbursement to cashflow, etc).  But the $$ they're "promising" is a $40k increase.  Life. Changing.  Depending on what level I am promoted to, the salary could be equal.  Even if it's not, it might be worth staying on even at a lower salary (which would still likely be a $15-$20k increase at minimum) for a bit longer until after surgeries are done.  Everything else I can figure out.  I'm trying to stall the interview process to get me closer to the end of June before I need to make any decisions, and hopefully I'll have all of the info to make an informed decision.  I guess when it rains it pours.

I am off today through Tuesday, so am off to enjoy my extended weekend.  

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  1. terri77 Says:

    I had fraudulent purchases on my credit card this week. Must be the season for hackers!

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