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Chicago Trip, New Net Pay and Other Random Updates

July 21st, 2021 at 04:05 pm

I got back from a long weekend in Chicago the other night.  It was so good to spend time with my bestie, and see her new home (she purchased a condo this spring). 

It was a SPENDY trip though....still waiting for final numbers, but looking like ~$2kish.  Oh well.  It was definitely needed, and I'm going to go ahead and say definitely deserved as well.  We had a great time, and ate some amazing meals, so I don't regret any of it.

While I was away, I received my first paycheck at my increased salary.  My new net pay is $700 more per pay period than my previous pay.  This will be really helpful, not only to shore up some of the gaps in my budget, but will also help me accelerate paying off the last of the credit card debt.  Once that's gone, by the end of the year hopefully, I can focus on savings.   Initially, the pay increase will go towards some sinking funds (grocery, pet, and homeowners' insurance) and big chunks thrown at the credit card balance.  Once it's paid off, I'd like to go back to running normal expenses through there and paying in full monthly since it's a rewards card, but I just need to be cautious not to lose sight of the goals and spend money I don't have.  I've definitely gotten a little too free and loose with spending, especially considering where I was at the start of the year.  I've made significant progress, but not enough where I can buy whatever I want without thinking about the impact it makes on the long term plan.   

I'm in my last week of the summer semester and am amazed at how it seems to have flown by.  Between the two classes, all I have left is some reading, a final project, two quizzes, a few discussion post responses, and a final exam.  I am on track for an A or A- in both classes.  I also took two CLEP exams last week, and passed, so I will get credit for two more classes.  I plan to take three more during my August break, and then two more in the fall.  I also learned about another kind of credit by exam that's accepted by my school, so I am just waiting to hear back from the Admissions department on what courses they can replace, to see if those are in my degree plan.  

I've been in talks with my debt settlement company lately.  I received a notice that a lawsuit had been filed against me for one of the accounts in the program.  Fun, but we are actively working with the law firm to come to a settlement agreement on this, so it shouldn't be too upsetting.  I do need to go to the courthouse this week to formally respond (basically go to the window and fill out a form).  I tried to see if they'd let me fax it in or do it over the phone, but apparently I don't live far enough I'll do that on Friday.  The settlement company did receive two settlement offers from the law firm handling the debt, and we are trying to see which to choose.  At the same time, I have an opportunity to transfer the debt placed with them to a partner of theirs who offers loans to customers in good standing - if approved and the terms are appealing, this loan would pay off all of my balances with the settlement company, and effectively end my program with them two years early.  I'm not sure how the terms will be, assuming pretty high interest rates, but it is attractive to know that my credit score will improve much faster because those balances will all have been paid off, and my DTI will drop drastically.  I applied yesterday and my income verification is with underwriting now, so we shall see.  If the payment is in the same neighborhood as what I pay to the debt settlement company, then I'll go for it.  Plus, since it's a loan, I have the ability to increase my payment to reduce total interest paid.  More to come on that!

2 Responses to “Chicago Trip, New Net Pay and Other Random Updates”

  1. Wink Says:

    Congrats on the pay raise, that is a significant increase! It will certainly help you to reach your financial goals.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad you had a lovely trip. Even better you got your first paycheck with the new amount. Yay you!

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