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September Summary & Q3 Goals Check-In

October 2nd, 2021 at 04:28 pm

Below is the screenshot of where my finances stand as of yesterday, 10/1.  This table compares 10/1 numbers to both 9/1 and to 1/1, I like to look at both to see what progress I've made over the past month, as as well as over the year so far.

Usually, this summary does not yet reflect my end of month 401k contribution/loan payments, but they seem to have processed those faster than usual this month, so they're reflected.  It does not reflect an additional payment I made to the new personal loan (New Credit America).  I made a payment of $200 yesterday and it's not showing on their site yet, nor has it been deducted from my bank account.

Everything is still chugging along nicely, while I wish I could say that some of those debt numbers were going down faster month over month, I've still made remarkable progress in so many areas, especially those that I deemed priorities.  I was a bit pensive when thinking about the debt I had added this year, but when I look at this sheet, I see that in actuality, I moved one debt to a new account, which is not new debt even though it looks like it is.....and then I added some student loan debt, which I don't consider bad debt at all.  Student loan 1-05, the federal loan to cover the Fall semester, will have the second half of the semester's disbursement added to it sometime in the next month or two, so that will go up, but other than that, debt should continue to go down.  I'm thrilled with this. 

And then savings.  Woweeeee look at savings!  Yes, I still have far too little savings, but looking at where I started the year, this is impressive.  I'm hoping to get that 401k increase to 100% by the end of the year....based on just contributions and loan repyaments alone, I will exceed that, but obviously changes in the market can impact as well.  While I don't track my net worth here monthly, I do track it elsewhere in my massive budget file.  Making some conservative assumptions about the value of my home and my car, it appears that my net worth has increased 257% this year.  

So, now that we are stepping our toes into Q4, it's time for another check-in on where I am tracking vs the goals I set for myself in January.

Consolidated Balances:  At the start of the year, the consolidated accounts left to be settled were 9 of the original 12, with a total balance left to settle of just over $30k.  The goal was to stay the course and hope that the balance was around to around $20k by the end of the year.  At the end of last quarter, I was down to 3 accounts left to be settled with a total balance of just over $14k.  This was not the total amount left to pay, but when I began tracking it, I didn't set it up that way, and mentioned something about having to switch.  Well, this goal is technically met.  All of my accounts have officially been settled, and the balances remaining have been transferred to a new personal loan with a total balance of just under $20k.  This forced the transition in tracking, and this has become #1 on the priority list.  My hope for next year is to be able to do a cash out refinance to pay this loan off....while it's still just moving money around for the time being, it'll make the interest rate so much lower than this loan happens to be.  Either way, hoping to not have this loan for too long.

Non-Consolidated Balances:  These are credit cards that did not go into the debt settlement program.  At the start of the year, I had 5 accounts with balances, with a total of around $11k.  The goal was to pay 3 off by the end of the year, with a total balance remaining of around $5k.  A sub-goal of this was to bring my main card down to 75% utilization.  At mid-year, I had paid off 1 account completely, with a total balance of $9.4k.  As of today, 3 accounts have balances (total of $7.7k) and two are paid off.  The one with the smallest balance will be paid off within a few weeks once my last bank account bonuses for the year come in, and I am hoping my property tax rebate gets processed soon as well, as I am planning on sending a big chunk of that to the big card.  Right now, I am projecting to be at 2 accounts with balances (total of $2.7k), main card down to 22% utilization, at the end of the year.  The other card is a furniture store on a fixed rate promo, and I don't see any reason to speed this one up while I have bigger fish to fry.  I pay more than the minimum, and it will be paid off before the promo rate expires, so no need to worry about retro interest hitting me.  I'm going to consider this one still way ahead of track!

Mom Debt:  The goal was just to begin repayment on this.  I have made 8 payments to her thus far, it is a part of my budget, and will remain so.  Next year, I will increase the amount I repay, and then again in 2023.  This one is good!

Non-Priority Debts:  These include my mortgage, car loan, 401k loans, and federal student loans.  The goal here was to just continue servicing as scheduled, without accelerating any of the payoffs.  Since the start of the year, I've added 2 new student loans, and shifted 401k loans to priority status, using the tuition reimbursement payments I receive from work to tackle those.  Next year, I will move my chart around to reflect their change in priority status.  I didn't really go into much detail at midyear, since the plan hadn't shifted then yet, but this was on track then, and I would say way ahead of the original goal at this point, since one of the 401k loans is going to be paid off in January (over a year earlier than originally planned), and the other will be paid off around June (about a year and a half earlier than originally planned).  

Grow savings:  I started the year with just $50 in cash savings, and the goal was to finish the year with around $2k in cash savings.  At midyear, I apparently had around $2200 in cash savings.  As of today, I am at around $1400, not including the extra buffer in the checking account I use to pay my mortgage (which is about $600).  I'm going to start including this next year!  So as of today, I am on track, with some larger payments hopefully coming in through the next few months in addition to regular additions to this.  There are probably a few large purchases that will be coming out of savings as well, but that's what it's there for, and I've been planning for them, bumping savings up.  Still work to do here, but technically on track with the goal.  Next year's savings goals will be a bit more aggressive.  

Bump retirement savings:  I started the year contributing 10% (not including match), and was hoping to bump this to 12% by the end of the year.  My promotion midyear did increase the $ amount going into my 401k, even if I did not bump the %.  I ultimately decided to shift strategies a little bit, and fully fund a Roth IRA before increasing 401k, to try to diversify my accounts in retirement.  I built out a plan, based on current salary/take home to fund a Roth about 75% next year, and 100% in 2023.  Obviously, if I am able to pay debt down faster, freeing that money up AND/OR my take home changes, I can also add to that.  BUT, the new wrinkle is that the legislature currently being debated removes the loophole for back door Roth, you may not contribute after-tax dollars to a Roth if you exceed income limits.  While I don't exceed them just yet, my next promotion will bump me out of eligibility.  So since I am not contributing yet, I am taking a wait and see attitude.  I'm not sure if there's a benefit to contributing to a tIRA before maxing my 401k since they have the same tax treatment (except 401k reduces taxable income, and I am not eligible to deduct my tIRA contribution).  Extra money for retirement is scheduled in the budget either way starting next year, I just haven't decided yet what kind of account it will go into.  This goal is on track, even if it's just the spirit of the goal.

Investments:  The initial goal was to increase my small balances in robo-investing accounts as able, without any set $ amounts.  Ultimately, back in February, I decided that I am not in a position to start investing in taxable space yet, and need to focus on debt, cash savings and retirement first.  I cleared these accounts out, and have no plans to begin this type of investing again for a few years. Goal removed.  

Get promoted (financial goal as well as personal goal):  BOOM.  Got my promotion effective July 1, with a huge salary increase as well.  Definitely had a little too much fun celebrating, but now back to being focused.  Starting to work towards the next one, which is truthfully the level I have been working at.  I'm hoping for next summer for that one.  GOAL COMPLETED.

Other non-financial goals:  Stay focused on weight loss journey - no measurable goal set, but after a big curveball thrown my way in the spring with a thyroid freakout, I am back on track and hooooope to meet this goal by the end of the year?  But weight loss is never linear,  o if the scale doesn't not give me that good news, but I have been putting in the effort, then I will consider this one achieved.  Start taking steps for plastic surgery post weight loss - I definitely achieved the "starting" aspect of this goal, I met with several surgeons, thought I had selected one, but now am reconsidering since I really want to try to go with the surgeon whose work I have been admiring for years.  A plan for funding is in place, timing is TBD (I have to get on this magic surgeon's consult schedule before I can figure out timing), a plan to rearrange classes/semesters if I need to based on his surgery schedule is in place.  Now I just need his patient coordinator to call me back haha.  

One goal that was not on the plan at the start of the year - go back to school.  It was something I always wanted to do, but since my company did not at the time offer tuition reimbursement, it wasn't something I wanted badly enough to actually pay for it myself lol.  They announced the benefit on Feb 1, and by Feb 18, I was enrolled in an online degree program.  I officially started June 1, and by the end of the year, will have earned 44 credits since June (assuming I don't bomb my classes this semester, which I don't think we are in any danger of lol).  I have a 4.0 average, on top of a very demanding job which is currently in its busiest season.  I guess you could say I'm doing okay at this goal.

My overall assessment of how I am tracking against my goals.....(recycling mid-year's rating here):  KILLIN' IT.


2 Responses to “September Summary & Q3 Goals Check-In”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    That is so impressive the debt paydown.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Way to go! They say the way to eat and elephant it one bite at a time. I think you are doing that with paying down your debt!

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