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2021 Bank Account Bonuses Wrap-Up

October 11th, 2021 at 04:36 pm

I received my final bank account bonus of the year over the weekend, and it was a whopper.  $750 from a local credit union for opening an account, having $2,000 of direct deposits in the first 60 days, and having $2,000 of debit card spend in that same time period.  Easy peasy.  

This makes a total of $3,000 for the year in bank account bonuses!  Crazy.  They were incredibly helpful to me at the start of the year as I really tried to cut spending to essentials only.  There are a few more that I am eligible for,  but I don't feel like doing any more right now.  Trying to simplify down for a few months.  My credit score has improved more rapidly than I expected (yay!), so I think I'll likely try for a mortgage refinance around March or so.  It'll be easier if I have a few full months of streamlined bank statements showing paycheck deposits.  I may dabble a little bit next year after completing the refinance but it's not a huge priority.  

If you're at all interested in how I managed to get this many bank account bonuses, happy to share my techniques.  Basically you need the ability to manage your own direct deposit (and have it split into multiple accounts), and have the ability to stay hyper organized with dates and requirements.  Spreadsheets help (of course, I am always going to say that lol)!!!!

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Great work!!!

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