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February 15th, 2022 at 04:00 pm

Today is payday, and I was pleased to see that the loan I paid off last month has stopped being deducted from my check.  I went ahead and increased my 401k contribution from 10% to 15%.  Felt pretty momentous, and I'm not gonna lie, scary haha.  While this is not quite maxing, it is not far off.  To max, I would need to contribute 18% (technically 17.8 lol).  I'll obviously get closer after my merit increase in a few months, and then will see how far from maxing I actually am.  My next promotion should net quite a large raise, at which time I'd need to actually lower my contribution to keep it stable through the year (I prefer consistency over getting the money into the market a little earlier).  

I'm currently trying to balance 3 objectives from a financial standpoint - 1.  set aside as much money as I can for taxes blah.  2.  pay down the balances I ran up in December/January on the credit cards I had paid off last year.  3.  Cash flow a short trip away with a friend - the flight and hotel are already paid for, which are obviously the biggest costs.  Now I need to put together spending money.  This trip is in 3 weeks, so not a ton of time to do so, but it should be ok.  I have a lot of non-budgeted needs for money over the next few months, but I also have a lot of extra money coming in as well.  

Next on my list for today:  make a few phone calls about refinancing!  I am somehow almost caught up on work tasks, and schoolwork is in a good spot.  I am in a state of tenuous peace lol.

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