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April Spending and Summary

May 5th, 2022 at 06:54 pm

This post comes a few days later than usual, this week has been busy busy busy, lots going on in life!  

April Spending:

As always, this does not include my bills, only "discretionary" spending.  I cannot change my bills as easily as I can change discretionary spending.  My goal is not to live as frugally as I can, I only track my spending to be able to establish patterns and made decisions based on those patterns.

Category - April Spend/YTD Spend: context

Car/Gas - $148/294.28:  this one is deceptive.  While it does include an expensive tank of gas (ouch), it also includes a toll pass replenishment that will be reimbursed (went to another office for the day for work) next week, so the credit will appear in May.  I also ordered a replacement copy of my car title, as I noticed last year that it had my old address on it.  

Clothing/Accessories - $134/$742.07:  sigh.  I don't need to be buying clothes.  And yet....

Dining/Entertainment - $484.07/$1428.73:  ewwwww - the slightly good news is that I was able to submit for reimbursement for about $210 worth of this based on a temporary stipen my company gave us.  Still horrifying total but that helps.  I've been so uninterested in my usual meal prep for the past month+, but hoping to get back on track now that school is over for the semester.

Gifts - $0/$81.85:  nothing here this month, yay!

Grocery/Household - $702.52/$1715.40:  this is quite high due to some stocking up I did this month.  I won't need to buy several of these items for a while now, so I am ok with it.  Since I had Covid earlier in the month, I also had to use Instacart to get some grocery deliveries which is always more expensive than just going myself.  

Health/Wellness - ($224)/$339.97:  this is coming up as negative because I received my health & wellness stpiend reimbursement from a purchase made in this category in February.  The only actual spending here this month was my monthly Peloton membership for $26.

Home Decor/Furniture - $320.68/$708.38:  I splurged on a table I have had my eye on.  Completely unnecessary and I did not deserve it lol.  But here we are.

Medical (non FSA) - $1400/$1289.22:  I put the deposit down for my surgery - this was 10% of the portion I owe OOP after insurance pays their part.  The YTD number reflects a refund I got earlier in the year for a payment I made in 2021.  This number will be ugly by the end of the year but it has been planned for a long time, so I'm thrilled to have it look like this.

Miscellaneous - $510.98/$626.14:  I will probably rearrange some of the items I put to this category - this was a new vacuum (mine died ugh and I cannot be without it since I have carpets and cats), and a copy of my birth certificate I need for a family project I am working on.  Can't decide where to move the vacuum to, but it'll be somewhere different by next month haha.  

Office Supplies - $0/$126.21:  another no spend category!

Personal Care - $352.73/$1347.44:  needed to replenish a lot of products.  This is even a hair salon month, and I didn't have my monthly mani/pedi date with mama since I had covid.  Blergh.

Pet - $173.22/$340.59:  had to stock up on litter and both types of food, plus I bought a new litter box.  

Subscriptions - $2.99/$140.93:  monthly iCloud only this month.

Travel - $0/$1689.37:  this one shouldn't see much more action until the fall.

Total (excluding FSA spending) - $4005.19/$10870.58

Medical (FSA) - $279.38/$856.21:  I don't include this in my total since the money has been set aside for this purpose at the start of the year and is funded pre-tax from my paycheck.  This account is going to be getting a workout for the nesxt few months tho!  This month was a few co-pays, prescriptions and covered supplies.

Overall, my spending is getting out of hand again and doing this exercise every month helps me recognize that.  

April Summary:

Some of this bleeds a little into May but I didn't get a chance to take the screenshot earlier.  Usually, this does not include the 401k contribution/loan payment from my last paycheck of the month, but this month it does!  

Credit card increase is concerning.  Everything else is as expected.  I did go ahead and take the 401k loan I have been planning for my surgery, and have it sitting in savings until I need to make final payment.  I also took enough to cover potential coinsurance and deductible I might still need to meet, but can hopefully use my FSA for that.  401k loan 2 should be paid off by the end of this month or mid next month depending on when my final grades are posted, and my tuition reimbursement is processed.  I will also start tackling my federal tax balance this month.  Lots going on.  I will do another post about it, because I am tired now lol.




4 Responses to “April Spending and Summary”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    I know you say you you don’t want, to be ‘as frugal as possible’, but would it help you to designate every other month as ‘clothes shopping’ months and just stay out of stores and off websites the other times? Is there anything you are buying that is such an urgent need you couldn’t just add it to a list and get it next month? And set a dollar limit for clothes for the year and divide it into 6 parts?

    Of course you know that not meal planning and eating out instead is a slippery slope financially and health wise…

    You are tracking, which is a start, but you aren’t really budgeting yet. You are planning to go deeper in debt with your surgery…but you aren’t paying down debt now. Is that ok with you?

    I’m giving you tough feedback because I think you need it and can take it. Ignore if I am wrong, this is your journey.

  2. Wink Says:

    What makes me really nervous for you is that you have no emergency fund (unless I am missing something). Money that is not in a retirement fund or designated for your surgery. Does this concern you? Can you "pay yourself first" a set amount each month to an emergency fund, then have what is left over for enjoyment spending? What if your car breaks down, or you have a major appliance that needs to be replaced? How will you pay for it without going even deeper into debt?

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I think most of us are seeing an increase in spending not due to our going crazy, but with inflation causing prices to rise. I looked at this and you said this is discretionary spending, so are you OK with not having an emergency fund. I notice you savings/checking went up quite a bit, but is this mostly checking?

  4. Petunia 100 Says:

    Hope everything is going well for you, Focused. Smile

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